Will I lose control over my schedule?

No, you have complete control over the appointments shown online, and how they’re placed into your system. You can choose what appointment types, how many, what times, etc. Patients will only see what you allow.

Why is a provider not showing openings?


There are several reasons a provider might not show openings. Some suggestions to solve for this are listed below:


  1. The provider must have hours in the column LocalMed is scheduling into. If this provider does not have hours in your practice management software, openings will not show.
  2. The operatory that LocalMed schedules into has to be assigned to the provider LocalMed schedules for.
  3. The operatory that LocalMed schedules into has to be open with valid hours. (example: 8am-5pm)
  4. LocalMed was setup in a particular way to schedule into specific columns. If this has changed, openings might not be accurate based on settings in the LocalMed console. Please let us know so we can get this resolved.


There are different ways to check on this based on your practice management software. If you are not able to identify the issue, please contact one of our support representatives at support@localmed.com.

Which practice management systems is LocalMed integrated with?

We’re fully integrated with the leading practice management systems, and we’re continually adding to our list. Currently, we’re integrated with Dentrix, Eaglesoft, OpenDental, PracticeWeb, SoftDent, EasyDental, Dolphin, OrthoTrac, Tracker, ABELDent, and Denticon.

Will anyone actually use online scheduling?

Absolutely. According to Decipher Research, 81% of patients would prefer to schedule their appointment online. Adding LocalMed Connect can raise your conversion of web traffic-to-booked appointment by 35-70%, and it can be placed anywhere patients are looking for dentists, including your website, Google, Facebook, our insurance partners, dental product partners, and anywhere else you own and control your web presence. The more web traffic you have, the more people will use it.

For patients that schedule online, how will we know they booked an appointment?
Will this interfere with my other 3rd party systems?

Not only does LocalMed not interfere, we actually enhance what you’re doing with all of those systems. Since we are integrated with your practice management system, LocalMed can seamlessly work right alongside all of your other platforms.

Our scheduling is too complex.

No way. LocalMed has offices from 1 location/1 provider all the way up to groups of 50+ offices with 100+ providers – it doesn’t get more complex than that. LocalMed has solved the complexity of dental scheduling and will work with you one on one to mirror your scheduling rules and automate them.

Will this be an additional system my front office staff has to learn?

No, install takes about 15 minutes, and nobody at your practice has to actively monitor or update it – It will run silently in the background, without slowing your practice management system down whatsoever. Your staff can work directly from your practice management system as usual.

Will patients that book online show up?

LocalMed clients have largely reported a drop in no-shows & cancellations because patients are booking appointments that 100% work with their schedule. Not only is it convenient for them, but they aren’t limited to what the front desk person mentions on the phone.

What is LocalMed Connect?

LocalMed Connect gives patients the ability to schedule an appointment with a participating provider anywhere they find them online, in real time, 24/7. This is not a request, but a fully scheduled appointment. We make it easy to compare open appointments and book the time that works best for you.

How do patients book an appointment with my practice?

Adding our “Schedule Now” button to your website makes it easy for patients to view your providers, toggle between location, compare availabilities and book confirmed appointments, 24/7. In addition, patients can schedule through localmed.com, Facebook, Google, our insurance partners, or several dentist directories on our partner sites. The goal is to have our real-time scheduling capabilities everywhere patients search for providers.

Is LocalMed HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, LocalMed is HIPAA compliant. We do not store your information locally and all information is passed in an encrypted manner. Additionally, LocalMed employs a third-party company to continuously monitor our system to ensure the safety and security of your information.

Is LocalMed customizable for my practice?

LocalMed knows every practice is different, so we made our system completely customizable to fit your unique needs. You maintain control over what you want patients to see. You select which appointment types you would like to make available upon setup, we take care of the rest.

How does it work?

By connecting with practice management systems, we are able to read, display and fill your availabilities in real time. This is not an appointment request system. Once an appointment is booked online by a patient it is automatically uploaded into your schedule.

Can patients book appointments for their children?

Yes. LocalMed makes it easy to book and manage appointments for all of your dependents in one place. If you choose to create an account and you can easily manage multiple family members in one spot.

Is LocalMed a healthcare provider?

LocalMed is not a healthcare provider. We simply provide an easy way for patients to find and schedule dental appointments online. We do not offer any medical services. Please see our terms of use for more information.