How to fix pending appointments

Got an email saying you have pending appointments? No problem – you just need to restart LocalMed on your server. There’s two ways to do this: Method 1 Click Start Type “Services” Click on Services (gear icon) Find LocalMed Connect Select LocalMed Connect Click Restart Method 2 Find the LocalMed icon in the tray (bottom […]

How do I contact LocalMed support?

Our support team is available Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm CST. You can reach them by Submit a ticket through the LocalMed dashboard Send an email to Call (225) 590-3054 opt. 2

Why does my Google star rating show more reviews than I have?

Our review system works like this… we send out a text or email to the patient that asks whether or not they had a positive experience at your office. When they respond “yes” or “no”, LocalMed collects the “yes” and pushes them to Google a positive star rating. After this step, the patient is given […]